Styling Secrets to create a home that says something about you

If our homes should provide anything, they should provide a sense of who we are and how we got here, a sense of connection balanced by a sense of direction and progress.
— Terence Conran, English designer, restaurateur, retailer and writer

A VASE OF FLOWERS, piles of well read books, the natural scent of a candle, your grandmother’s silver candelabra, a rattan box from your holiday in Bali - these are the things that make your house a home. But how do you also make them look beautiful and not like clutter in your home. Styling is something I love to do and is an essential part of interior design and decorating. Here are some of my tips to help you create warm and meaningful rooms in your home and have some fun with the things you love. Gabrielle x

Sherwood House  | Styling Berkeley Interiors | Photography  Hannah Puechmarin

Sherwood House | Styling Berkeley Interiors | Photography Hannah Puechmarin


A big bunch of wild flowers from your garden or the local flower market combined with a bunch of pretty flowers in a ceramic vase (that is probably hiding in the back of your cupboard) is a simple way to style a side table. Add a brass candle with your favourite scent.

TIPS: Style in threes with each item being a different height | To keep it simple, use the same flower variety in each vase rather than combining different flowers in the one vase | Look for casual bunches of flowers or greenery rather than perfect roses for a more organic look | Pick your favourite scent when selecting candles as scents evoke memories and make you feel good.

Project: Sherwood House Photography: Hannah Puechmarin

Project: Sherwood House Photography: Hannah Puechmarin


A rattan tray is a clever way to turn an ottoman into a coffee table providing a spot for your coffee cup or TV control. This also provides a way to display some of your beautiful and meaningful things giving your living room some personality.

TIPS: Combine ornaments with books or magazines to ground the display and add a sense of interest | Greenery adds an organic element to a cluster of objects | The colours should reflect other elements in the room. | Chose things to display that not only look good but mean something to you.

Project:  Coorparoo Townhouse , Berkeley Interiors | Styling: Berkeley Interiors | Photography:  Mindi Cooke

Project: Coorparoo Townhouse, Berkeley Interiors | Styling: Berkeley Interiors | Photography: Mindi Cooke


What’s on your bedside? This bedside table comes to life with apricot wild roses in a vase by Mud , a beautiful hand made porcelain Samantha Robinson tea cup, and a brass candle by Country Rd. Original still life paintings by local artist Tiel Seivl Keevers adds a visual interest behind the lamp as well as introducing a personal element in the room.

TIPS: Select art that resonates with you. Original or limited edition art is more valuable and will have more meaning to you | Chose flowers for your bedroom that bring you joy | Place a box or candle on top of piles of magazines or books to create another layer. | Use objects that reference the colour of the fabrics in the room. | Keep clutter and things that are not visually appealing in the drawer out of sight.

Coorparoo Townhouse  | Interiors & Styling Berkeley Interiors |  Photography Mindi Cooke

Coorparoo Townhouse | Interiors & Styling Berkeley Interiors | Photography Mindi Cooke


A large fern in the centre of the table in a natural woven basket, generous glass candle holders and a rattan wall hanging make this outdoor area feel homely and lived in. Wicker placemats are practical for outdoors while the traditional French wine carafes add personality and interest and create images of long lunches under the shade of a huge tree in a vineyard.

TIPS: For more impact, choose plants for the middle of the table that are big and overflowing rather than a structured plant | Look for styling pieces in antique shops or second hand stores that add something unique and different to your spaces. | Rattan wall hangings or a selection of baskets create interesting wall art for outdoor spaces that are weather proof.


Styling shelves in your home or office is a great way to display your favourite books and things you love bringing warmth and personality into a space. I have a large collection of interior and design books in my studio which I like to style with some of my favourite ornaments that mean something to me.

TIPS: Style books by colour for visual impact or by subject matter to create interest | Create vignettes that tell a story | Shelf styling does not have to be neat and ordered but rather can be eclectic and lived in | Play around with your books, ornaments, photo frames, plants and special things creating stories on each shelf until you feel it looks right.




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